Barbara Dunkelman

Canadian actress

Barbara Dunkelman
Barbara Dunkelman (30040186948).jpg
Dunkelman at the 2018 Florida Supercon
Barbara Julie Dunkelman

(1989-07-02) July 2, 1989 (age 33)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
OccupationActress, voice actress
Years active2008–present
PartnerTrevor Collins (2018–)

Barbara Julie Dunkelman[1] (born July 2, 1989[2]) is a Canadian actress and internet personality. She is known for her work with the production company Rooster Teeth, where she serves as a Creative Director and was formerly the Director of Social and Community Marketing and a Program Director for RTX.[3][4][5][6] She also provides the voice of Yang Xiao Long in the web series RWBY, and is a partial owner of the FCF Wild Aces Indoor Football Team.[7]

Early life

Dunkelman was born in Montreal, Quebec, to a Jewish[8] family, and was raised alongside two brothers. She and her family moved to Ottawa, Ontario, when she was 8 years old. She graduated from Concordia University with a degree in Marketing in June 2011.[9] Dunkelman is a permanent resident of the United States, residing in Austin, Texas.[10]


Dunkelman with a group of cosplayers dressed as Yang Xiao Long, her character in RWBY.

Dunkelman signed up on Rooster Teeth's website in October 2004.[2] In 2005 she attended and assisted at the premiere Toronto Red vs. Blue fan event, RvBTO.[11] Starting in 2008, she helped organize it as co-host and Rooster Teeth liaison.[12][13] She was a hostess for for several months in 2010.[14]

In September 2011, she co-founded the triple award-winning Internet Box podcast[15] hosted by herself, Michael Jones, Ray Narvaez, Jr., Andrew Blanchard, Mike Kroon, and Dylan "Dylon" Saramago, with Lindsay Jones and Kerry Shawcross being added to the cast later on. In December 2011, she was hired by Rooster Teeth as their first Community Manager, in charge of developing community features and the company's social media.[16][17] At the time of her hiring she was the most-followed member on the Rooster Teeth community site.[18] Since February 2012, she appears regularly on the award-winning Rooster Teeth Podcast.[15]

In May 2013, alongside fellow employee Jack Pattillo, she was interviewed as part of Microsoft's 2013 E3 Xbox One reveal.[19] Despite her numerous appearances on the podcast and at events, she estimates that "only 25 percent" of her job, which entails marketing and management functions within the company, takes place in the public eye.[18] Also in 2013, she began voicing the character of Yang Xiao Long in the Streamy Award-winning series RWBY, which is her most recognizable acting role.[20][21][22] She has also lent her voice to Cosmos in Fairy Tail and ORF in X-Ray and Vav.[23]

Beginning in September 2016, Dunkelman began hosting Always Open, a lifestyle and sexual health podcast within Rooster Teeth.[24] The podcast went on indefinite hiatus in June 2020.[25] Also in September 2016, Dunkelman launched an eponymous clothing line at Rooster Teeth.[26] In September 2019, Dunkelman became a Creative Director at Rooster Teeth.[4]

Dunkelman has amassed a number of live-action acting credits, which include roles in Rooster Teeth Shorts,[27] Immersion,[28] Day 5,[29] and Ten Little Roosters,[30] as well as the horror comedy Blood Fest.[31] She is also one of five partial owners of the FCF Wild Aces Indoor Football Team.[7]

Personal life

Dunkelman has been in a relationship with producer Trevor Collins since 2018.[32] In 2021, she revealed in a video on her YouTube channel that she has a severe case of hyperhidrosis, and that she would be seeking surgery to curtail the effects of her condition.


Year Title Role Notes
2011–2014, 2016 Internet Box Herself Podcast
2012–present Rooster Teeth Podcast Herself Podcast
2013–present RWBY Yang Xiao Long Voice, motion capture
2014 Fairy Tail Cosmos Voice only
iBlade Worker of Secrets / Sharon
Smite Yang Xiao Long Voice only
Ten Little Roosters Barbara
2014–2015 X-Ray and Vav ORF Voice only
2014–present Immersion Barbara / Soldier (Blue Moose)
2014–present Red vs. Blue Jensen Voice only; Writer of episode "Head Canon"[33][34]
2015 - 2021 Death Battle Yang Xiao Long, Mama Boomstick Voice, episode: "Yang VS Tifa", "Macho Man VS Kool-Aid Man"
Fanarchy Herself Documentary
Lazer Team Cheerleader Cameo
The Strangerhood Planner Voice
Tom & Bill Additional Voices Voice; one episode, uncredited
2016 Crunch Time Beatrice
Day 5 Flip
RWBY Chibi Yang Xiao Long / Herself
Camp Camp Nerris Voice only
2016–2020 Always Open Herself Podcast host
2017 The Eleven Little Roosters Agent Moose
Lazer Team 2 Reporter #2
2018 BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle[35] Yang Xiao Long Video game
Nomad of Nowhere Dolores Voice only
2018 Blood Fest Ashley
2020–present Zelda Hero High Zee


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