Kharkiv government building airstrike

50°00′15″N 36°14′11″E / 50.00421°N 36.23631°E / 50.00421; 36.23631Coordinates: 50°00′15″N 36°14′11″E / 50.00421°N 36.23631°E / 50.00421; 36.23631DateMarch 1, 2022
~8:01 and ~8:13 (UTC+3)[1][2]TargetTerrorist act
Attack type
Airstrike[3]Weaponstwo cruise missiles "Caliber"[4][5][6]Deaths29[7][8]Injured35+[4]PerpetratorsArmed Forces of the Russian Federation
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video icon Відеозапис з камери спостереження on YouTube at the moment of the impact of Russian rockets on Freedom Square and on the building of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration (OVA))

The Kharkiv government building airstrike occurred on March 1, 2022, when Russian forces attacked the government administrative building of the Kharkiv oblast in the Kharkiv.[9][4]

Air attack

The attack on the Kharkiv government building took place in the context of the battle of Kharkiv against Russian hosts coming from the northwest.[10][11]

Russian troops launched two rockets against the administration building, resulting in the death of 29 people, the destruction of the building itself and serious damage to other structures in the Freedom Square area.[8] In June of 2022, the government building was recognized as not subject to restoration.[12]


It was recorded that the attack weapon were two missiles of kalibr,[4][5][6] the attack left an estimated 35 wounded and 29 dead.[13][8] The Ukrainian government expressed that the attack developed at 8:00 am. of the morning on the Eastern European daylight saving time.[14][15]

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