2022 Indian film
Official Release Poster
Directed byRathish Ambat
Written byMurali Gopy
Produced byVijay Babu
Rathish Ambat
Murali Gopy
  • Prithviraj Sukumaran
  • Indrajith Sukumaran
  • Isha Talwar
  • Vijay Babu
  • Saiju Kurup
CinematographySunil K. S.
Edited byDeepu S. Joseph
Music bySongs:
Murali Gopy
Gopi Sunder
Friday Film House
Celluloid Maarg
Distributed byFriday Film House
Release date
  • 25 August 2022 (2022-08-25)

Theerppu is a 2022 Malayalam-language thriller film starring Prithviraj Sukumaran and Isha Talwar in the lead, for producers Vijay Babu, Rathish Ambat and Murali Gopi. The film is the second directorial of Rathish Ambat and was released on 25 August 2022 and opened to mixed reviews.[1][2][3]


A group of four friends find themselves under the same roof after a gap of 15 years. And it’s not some planned get-together, where everyone gets to share a happy memory. It’s a locked-room horror show.


  • Prithviraj Sukumaran as Abdulla Marakkar
  • Indrajith Sukumaran as Kalyan Menon
  • Saiju Kurup as Parameshwaran Potty
  • Vijay Babu as Ram Kumar Nair
  • Isha Talwar as Mythili Ram Kumar
  • Hannah Reji Koshy as Prabha Nair
  • Siddique as Basheer Marakkar, Abdulla's father
  • Sreelakshmi as Beepathu, Abdulla's mother
  • Srikant Murali as Nair, Ram Kumar's father
  • Mammukoya as Musaliyar
  • Suzanne Bernert as Anastasia Aubert
  • Lukman Avaran as Chandrabhanu
  • Shaju Sreedhar as Menon, Kalyan's father
  • Alancier Ley Lopez as Chandrapilla
  • Aswin Kumar as the Commissioner
  • Poojappura Radhakrishnan as the Village Officer
  • Shameem Rein as Pavan Putra Bhede
  • Vinod Vaswani as Lakshman Kothadia
  • Mamta Mohandas as Dr. Shwetha (voice over only)
  • Manikandan Pattambi as a police officer (voice over only)



The film released on theatres on 25 August 2022.[4]

Home Media

The digital rights of the film is acquired by Disney+ Hotstar and started streaming from 30 September 2022.[5]


Manoj Kumar R of The Indian Express gave the movie 2/5 rating and commented that "the film seemingly has no inkling of how absolute power works".[1] Lakshmi Priya of The News Minute rated the film with 2.5/5 stars, stating "the film can be read as a commentary on revisionist history and political appropriation with a lot to offer ‘between’ the lines, but the lines themselves have little solid to offer".[2] S.R.Praveen of The Hindu said "Theerppu comes perilously close to living up to that joke that some films are made quickly within the limited space of a room or a resort, and having no content worth speaking about".[3] V Vinod Nair of The Times of India stated "the movie fails to make the impact we expect, with the first half is just about watchable and the second half lags too much", but rated the film with 3/5 stars.[6] A reviewer of Onmanorama called it "a serious drama trivialised by confused mix of theatrics".[7]


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