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Type of site
Pornographic video sharing
Founded1997; 27 years ago (1997)
OwnerWGCZ Holding
Current statusActive

XNXX is a website for sharing and viewing pornographic videos. As of December 2023, it was classified as the 15th most visited website in the world by Similarweb.[1] It launched in 2000 and is currently hosted in Paris, with servers and offices in Montreal, Tokyo and Newark.[citation needed]

XNXX is owned by WGCZ Holding, the same company that runs XVideos, another popular pornographic website.[2]

A Business Insider ranking from 2018 placed it in the three most popular porn sites worldwide.[3]


XNXX was founded in 1997.[4] WGCZ Holding's ownership was first revealed in 2014 when WGCZ brought a Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy case against a similar domain in 2014.[2][5][6][7]

In March 2016, The Next Web identified WGCZ Holding as a Polish company headed by Stephane Michael Pacaud and Deborah Malorie Pacaud.[8]

In 2018, the Government of India blocked XNXX, among other porn websites, after a Uttarakhand High Court court order demanding the same in a rape case where the perpetrators stated they were motivated to do so after watching online pornography.[9]

In January 2023, The Financial Times reported that WGCZ tube sites XVideos and XNXX receive 6 billion visits a month.[10]

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