Die Gesellschaft

Naturalist literary magazine in Germany (1885–1902)

Die Gesellschaft
Die Gesellschaft Januar 1885.jpg
Cover page dated January 1885
CategoriesLiterary magazine
  • Monthly
  • Weekly
PublisherFriedrich Verlag
FounderMichael Georg Conrad
Final issue
CountryGerman Empire
Based in
  • Munich
  • Leipzig

Die Gesellschaft (German: Society) was a magazine which was published in German Empire between 1885 and 1902. It billed itself as the "organ of contemporary literary youth".[1] It is known for its strong support for naturalism and its founder and editor Michael Georg Conrad.

History and profile

Die Gesellschaft was established by Michael Georg Conrad in Munich in 1885.[1][2] Conrad and Karl Bleibtreu edited the magazine until 1902 when it folded.[3][4] The magazine came out weekly between its start in 1885 and 1891.[5] Then it was published on a monthly basis.[5] The first two volumes of the magazine were published by Conrad.[2] From 1887 its publisher became the Friedrich Verlag which was owned by Wilhelm Friedrich and based in Leipzig.[2][6] Die Gesellschaft ceased publication in 1902 after producing 18 issues.[5]

Content and contributors

Die Gesellschaft provided articles on naturalism, literature, art and public life.[3] One of its contributors was the German Georgist Michael Flürscheim who wrote about the program of the Land League.[1] Another one was Anna Croissant-Rust who published short fictional proses following naturalist literary approach.[7] Alfred Schuler was also among the contributors of the magazine.[7]


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