Elyse Willems

Canadian internet personality, comedian, and writer.
Elyse Willems
RTX 2017 - Always Open panel (35500410710) (cropped).jpg
Elyse Willems at RTX Austin 2017.
Born (1986-05-03) May 3, 1986 (age 36)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
EducationUniversity of Toronto
OccupationWriter • producer • performer • co-creative director
Years active2013–present
EmployerRooster Teeth
SpouseJames Willems

Elyse Willems (born May 3, 1986)[1][2] is a Canadian internet personality, comedian, and writer. She is best known for her work as a cast member and producer at Funhaus, a division of Rooster Teeth Productions, since November 2015.[3] Since then, Willems has appeared and been involved in numerous productions by Rooster Teeth.

Willems published her debut novel, A Night in Halloween House, which became a bestselling Halloween children's book on Amazon in October 2020.[4]


Willems was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario[5] in a family of Polish descent. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government,[6] Willems relocated to Los Angeles in January 2012.[7] She worked at Viacom as a production assistant on GameTrailers from August 2012, later becoming a segment producer at Defy Media in 2014, where she produced, wrote and hosted Mandatory Update, a weekly comedy news show that provided a satirical commentary of the video game industry.

In November 2015, Willems joined Rooster Teeth as a cast member of Funhaus. There, she has collaboratively produced and co-written numerous series, such as Arizona Circle, Sex Swing, and Twits & Crits, as well as producing and performing in gaming videos and podcasts. Willems has made several appearances at RTX conventions, including a Ladies of Rooster Teeth panel at RTX Sydney 2017 where she expressed her frustration at credit for things she has done being given to her male peers in the past,[8] and on the series Always Open, hosted by fellow Canadian Rooster Teeth member and friend Barbara Dunkelman.[9] In 2017, a shortened clip focusing primarily on Willems from one of Funhaus' videos went viral. The clip featured Funhaus members criticizing a female character for wearing a ponytail while Willems, who is wearing a ponytail in the clip, reacts in the background.[10] The clip appeared in one of PewDiePie's videos,[11] and garnered almost fifteen million views worldwide. Willems clarified that the intent was humorous and that her reaction was deliberately comedic.[12]

In 2020, Willems served as the series creator and one of the participants in Last Laugh, a Rooster Teeth series centered around a social experiment where twelve contestants spent six hours in one room while trying to make each other laugh or smile.[13] Willems also streams with her husband James in order to fundraise for various charities and causes, and is among the popular streamers who raised funds for The Jimmy Fund to support research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute on November 1, 2020.[14]

Willems self-published her first novel, titled A Night in Halloween House, in October 2020.[15][16] It was released on Amazon as both paperback and Kindle editions, and became the bestselling Halloween children's book. The novel received predominantly five star reviews on the novel's Amazon page and its Goodreads counterpart, with readers praising the sense of Halloween nostalgia that Willems set out to convey in the book.[17] In 2021, she and James were credited as writers for IllFonic's Arcadegeddon.[18]

Personal life

Willems is married to fellow performer and Funhaus cast member James Willems,[19] and they live in Los Angeles, California.[20]



Year Title Role Notes
2018 Blood Fest Selfie Attendee Cameo

Web series

Year Title Role Notes
2014–2015 Mandatory Update Herself Co-host, co-creator
2015–present Funhaus Elyse / Herself Performer, director, producer
2015–2016 On the Spot Herself Guest
2016–2020 Always Open Herself Guest
2016 Red vs. Blue Cherry 2 episodes
2017 The Eleven Little Roosters Agent Knuckle 6 episodes
2017 Sex Swing TV Anchor / Mermaid Princess / Hanako 3 episodes
2017 Million Dollars, But... Herself Guest
2017–2019 Off Topic Herself Guest
2017–2019 Sugar Pine 7 Elyse / Elliot / Elantra 26 episodes
2017 Camp Camp Mrs. Nurfington "Parent's Day"
2018 Hardcore Tabletop Herself Referee
2018 Murder Room Herself Guest
2018–2019 Arizona Circle Elyse Actress, writer, producer
2019 Smosh Ms. Elyse "These Youtubers Are Trying to Cancel Me (YouTube Detention)"
2020–present Last Laugh Herself Series creator, contestant (season 1), co-host (season 2)
2021 Drawtectives Harvey Hornswoggle Guest
2022 KOLLOK Clarity Seven Actress
2022 Dungeons & Daddies Erica Drippins Guest

Video games

Year Title Role Notes
2021 Arcadegeddon Ruck Voice role, writer
2021 Psychonauts 2 Rich Mom Voice role
2022 Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed writer


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